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Does Marriage Matter?


Natasha D interviews the National Marriage Coalition’s Gerard Calilhanna on why marriage matters, and what effects a shift in focus on the meaning of marriage will produce.

Catholics on Mission Austen Ivereigh Catholic Voices

Getting Catholic Voices Heard


Ever felt like Catholics weren’t getting a fair-go in the press, or cringed when you saw the Church being misrepresented by well-meaning but poorly informed Catholics? Catholic Voices is a UK-based organisation seeking to turn things around…

Books, Films & the Arts Ted Bahaer

An Interview with Ted Baehr


We spoke to’s Ted Baehr about the contribution of Christianity to art today, the influence of Christian values on successful secular films, and how Christians can approach films which are morally questionable – yet culturally important.

Bioethics vaccine injection medicine science

The Gardasil Imperative?


Vaccines have long proven helpful in the fight against diseases for a number of centuries. But can the desire to prevent disease push to the side concerns about side-effects and unintended consequences? Natasha D sat down with Dr Little to hear about her investigation into Gardasil, and how the truth may have been sacrificed in the safeguard process.

Expert Insights man woman

Complementarity of Man & Woman


Does being a man or a woman mean anything? What is the different between man and woman, and is it even important? How can we find our strengths in these differences? We interview Peter Holmes ahead of the World Congress of Families to find out.

Catholic Apologetics pentecostal praise worship 1

Pentecostals: Our Youngest Siblings


We caught up with Msgr Juan Usma Gómez to find out what Pentecostalism is, why it has achieved such growth, how the movement affects the Catholic Church, and what the Church is to do in the hope of establishing unity with the youngest of our siblings.

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