The Gardasil Imperative?


Vaccines have long proven helpful in the fight against diseases for a number of centuries. But can the desire to prevent disease push to the side concerns about side-effects and unintended consequences? Can the motivation to produce potentially helpful medicine be distorted by unchecked pragmatism, or even greed?

When a 16-year-old woman was found to be experiencing premature menopause, Dr Deirdre Little was confronted with the question of whether the much-publicised HPV-vaccine was responsible. Initially doubtful, Dr Little found that the safegaurd and checking process for the vaccine was lacking. Natasha D sat down with Dr Little to hear about her investigation into Gardasil, and how the truth may have been sacrificed in the safeguard process for less than honourable purposes.


Dr Deirdre Little is a University of Sydney graduate with 25 years experience as a GP obstetrician with strong representation in a number of Catholic and secular organisations and publications. To find out more about her research, or to obtain a full-text copy of her paper on Gardasil in the British Medical Journal, you can get in touch with Dr Little via email.

Dr Little will be speaking at Family Life International’s Hidden Truth Tour, which will run from the 17th to the 25th of May in various locations across eastern Australia. To find out more about the Hidden Truth Tour, visit the FLI Australia website.

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