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Instilling Virtues in Children


How are parents to teach children virtue? Author of Parenting for Character Andrew Mullins speaks to us on the role of parents and schools in teaching virtue, and the principles of building up children with virtuous character.

Expert Insights

Man & Woman in Love


What is at the heart of marriage? We chat with Byron & Francine Pirola to discuss how a married couple are interdependent, how marriage allows the couple to grow together, and what it means to be a man and woman in love.

Current & Political Issues MARRIAGE

Law, Society & Same-Sex Marriage


In this comprehensive review of the topic, Greg Donnelly presents the state of the debate in Australia, the constitutional problems with legislating on same-sex marriage, the legal and social causes of the current marriage situation, and the relevant policy of his own party – the ALP – since the much-publicised National Conference in late-2011.

Current Issues euthanasia elderly sick hospital

Fighting for Life


In this interview, we chat with HOPE Director Paul Russell on the state of the political debate on euthanasia, where it may be heading in the future, and how you can help out in the battle against the legalisation of euthanasia in Australia.


Abortion: Is it really a “choice”?


We caught up with Real Choices Australia Executive Director Debbie Garratt about some of the challenges facing women with crisis pregnancies and the risks around providing a surgical ‘solution’ to psychosocial problems.

Books, Films & the Arts

Ditching Man-boys & Finding Love


How to Get the Man of Your Dreams is Jonathan Doyle’s new book exploring the belief systems pushing women into dysfunctional relationships and preventing them from finding the love they long for. We caught up with Jonathan to talk about the book and how we can foster healthy relationships and help others do the same.

Atheism & Agnosticism

Edward Feser: Atheism & Morality


Cradio caught up with this eminent philospher to talk about the relationship between atheism and morality. Is an honest atheist contradicting their philosophy by asserting that certain actions are “right” or “wrong”? What does this mean for an increasingly secular society and government?

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