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Talks and teachings on the Church from the iWitness Conference held at Stanwell Tops, Australia.

iWitness Sr Mary Rachel OP iWitness

Hope and the Holy Spirit


Sr Mary Rachel OP explains the role of the Holy Spirit in our pilgrimage of hope, and why despair and presumption are the enemies of hope.

iWitness Lamar iWitness Culture Project

The Virtue of Chastity


Lamar and Katie from The Culture Project speak about virtue as the formula for sanctity, the goodness of our desire, and how chastity means we are a gift.

iWitness Eileen Leyne iWitness

Humility and Surrender


Eileen Leyne reflects on humility by looking at our self-expectations, the judgements we place on others, and the need to surrender our control to God.

iWitness Fr Anthony Bernard iWitness

Confession & Virtue


Fr Anthony Bernard describes his experience of confession as both penitent and priest, and how confession builds our virtue.

iWitness Fr Daniel McCaughan iWitness

Love and the Virtues


Fr Daniel McCaughan explains that we are made for Love, what the virtues are for, and how these relate to our life in the Body of Christ.

iWitness Pope Emeritus Benedict 3

Pope Benedict and the Scriptures


Professor Tracey Rowland discusses controversies in Scripture scholarship in the modern age, the notion that one should “leave their faith at the door” when studying Scripture, and how Pope Benedict XVI cuts through all of these issues.

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