Cradio is an Australian Catholic media service, providing free access to a growing variety of Catholic programs, talks and music. Listen in via our 24-hour stream, subscribe to our podcasts or access new content online when and where you want it.


Cradio is a non-profit organisation seeking to put new technologies to the service of the Church in Australia.

Cradio was founded in 2010 under the guidance of our Founding Director Archbishop Julian Porteous. Our free service includes a variety of Catholic programs, talks and music available via the 24-hour audio stream, or on-demand on the website and iTunes.

At the heart of our activities is our mission to ‘nourish the soul of the digital generation’ – or in the words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI – to ‘evangelise the digital continent’. By providing news, catechesis, discussion and entertainment we hope to create a place where Catholics and non-Catholics can go to learn about and celebrate the Catholic faith free from the skewed messages presented in secular media.

Our Mission

Founded as a response to St John Paul II’s call to “a new evangelisation”, Cradio is committed to the propagation of the faith through Catholic media.

Inspired by the example of the Apostles and evangelists, Saints Francis de Sales and Maximilian Kolbe, Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen and many holy men and women throughout history, Cradio’s aim is to bring the Good News of Christ to the world through the media and technology of our age.

By producing and disseminating a range of quality programs and content, Cradio seeks to inform, educate and inspire Catholics and non-Catholics in Australia and abroad on issues of faith, morality and social responsibility.

Through its promotion of Catholic arts and culture, Cradio looks to communicate the beauty and richness of the faith, both on a universal and local level, as a cause to celebrate.

In all things, Cradio will maintain fidelity to the magisterium of the Church, remaining steadfast in its efforts to proclaim truth with charity and integrity.

Content Policy

Cradio is committed to complete fidelity to Christ and to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We work to ensure that all content expressing the teaching of the Catholic Church remains consistent with the deposit of faith. Outside of this, opinions expressed in content hosted or aired on Cradio are those of the author and may not reflect those of the Board of Cradio Limited.

If you have any concerns about content hosted or aired on Cradio, please inform us at [email protected].

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