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Culture & Worldview

Consumerism and the Soul


How is a consumer culture influencing our outlook on the world, our view of other people, and our relationship with God? Find out in this interview with Dr Matthew Tan, as we explore the effect of consumerism on the contemporary person.


At the Heart of the New Evangelisation


The new evangelisation: what is it meant to achieve? Why do people seem less receptive to the Word of God today? How do we go about proclaiming the message? We spoke to UK priest and specialist in the new evangelisation Fr Gerard Kelly to find out.

Expert Insights Lemaitre Big Bang

Church & Science: Conflict or Cooperation?


Historian of science Dr Luciano Boschiero explains the roles of theology and natural philosophy, the contribution of the Church to the growth of science, and whether the popular idea of opposition between the Church and science is really true.

Discipleship & Virtue Teacher and student

Catholic Tradition & Personal Development


Philosopher Sr Mary Prudence Allen RSM discusses how religious traditions influence personal identity and development, what advantages there are in being formed in Catholic tradition, and why a purposeful denial of religious formation to children is misguided.

Expert Insights Fr Emmerich Vogt

Finding Peace in a Broken World


We caught up with Fr Emmerich Vogt OP to talk about overcoming destructive behaviours, finding peace, and (we had to ask) what it was like working with Blessed Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

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