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Catch-ups with inspiring individuals from all around Australia and the world.

Faith Stories

A Personal Journey


Young Sydney-sider Luke shares his journey from being a teenager who didn’t want to listen to the ‘man in white’ to falling in love with the Church and its teachings.

Faith Stories

Made for Greatness


Nat & MC caught up with Leah Darrow during her Australian ‘Top Model to Role Model’ tour to talk about leaving behind worldly ambitions and helping others find true happiness in Christ.


An Untold Story: October Baby


We caught up with Shari Rigby from the new film ‘October Baby’ to talk about what led her to be a part of a pro-life film and how the it’s already helping to bring hope and healing after abortion.

Religious & Consecrated serving Christ in poor Philippines poor

Serving Christ in the Poor


Father Joseph and Brother Roger from the Missionaries of the Poor visited Cradio HQ recently along with Raylene Dore, an Australian volunteer. They spoke with us about their vocations, the life and work of the Missionaries, and how Australians can get involved.

Atheism & Agnosticism

Edward Feser: Atheism & Morality


Cradio caught up with this eminent philospher to talk about the relationship between atheism and morality. Is an honest atheist contradicting their philosophy by asserting that certain actions are “right” or “wrong”? What does this mean for an increasingly secular society and government?

Current & Political Issues Rev Fred Nile

Rev. Fred Nile MLC


Reverend Honourable Fred Nile: Father, Pastor, Husband, and politician. Natasha D caught up with this warm and inspiring man for a chat about his life, his family, and his passion for seeing the Good News proclaimed in our parliaments.

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