Edward Feser: Atheism & Morality


Catholic philosopher and author Dr Edward Feser is visiting Sydney next week on his ‘Answering Atheism’ tour, thanks to Catholic Adult Education Centre and Mustard Seed Bookshop.

Cradio caught up with this eminent philosopher to talk about the relationship between atheism and morality. Can an atheistic worldview accommodate for morality as some “new atheists” claim? Is an atheist contradicting their philosophy by asserting that certain actions are “right” or “wrong”? What does this mean for an increasingly secular society and government?

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Dr Edward Feser is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, specialising in philosophy of the mind, moral philosophy, political philosophy and the philosophy of religion. His works have appeared in The American, New Oxford Review, Crisis Magazine, First Things and Public Discourse. His latest books include Aquinas, and The Last Superstition: A Refutation of New Atheism.

Dr Feser’s “Answering Atheism” tour will run from 23-29 July 2012, for details visit the CAEC webpage.

For more from Dr Feser, check out his books at The Mustard Seed Bookshop, or visit edwardfeser.blogspot.com.

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  1. Sam Geoghegan on

    Hmmmmm, but can’t an atheist and materialist believe that their morality has substance because they believe in it? Is this a trick of sorts?

  2. Hi Sam,

    I’d recommend giving the following posts a look, which go into that question much further. Unfortunately an interview over the phone for our general audience could not address the more complex aspects of the topic, but it’s good to see that the interview has spurred your interest!

    From Edward Feser, “Does Morality Depend on God?”: http://edwardfeser.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/does-morality-depend-on-god.html
    Michael Flynn, “De moralitate atheorum” (A syllogism on whether atheists may act morally): http://tofspot.blogspot.com.au/2010/04/de-moralitate-atheorum.html

    Hope that helps!

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