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Catch-ups with inspiring individuals from all around Australia and the world.


Abortion: Is it really a “choice”?


We caught up with Real Choices Australia Executive Director Debbie Garratt about some of the challenges facing women with crisis pregnancies and the risks around providing a surgical ‘solution’ to psychosocial problems.

Marriage & Family

Downtime with Dynamic Deacon


We managed to catch up with the Dynamic Deacon to talk about the often misunderstood role of a deacon within the Church, how to balance your life with God remaining at the centre, the biggest challenges facing families today, and how we can kick-start the Year of Faith!

Books, Films & the Arts

Ditching Man-boys & Finding Love


How to Get the Man of Your Dreams is Jonathan Doyle’s new book exploring the belief systems pushing women into dysfunctional relationships and preventing them from finding the love they long for. We caught up with Jonathan to talk about the book and how we can foster healthy relationships and help others do the same.

Books, Films & the Arts

From Stage to Sanctuary


Fr Franco Cavarra enjoyed a successful career as an international stage director until he received his calling. When he left behind his love for the arts to enter the seminary he had no idea what God had planned, until 10 years later he received the opportunity to combine his ministry and his art on a grand-scale.

Books, Films & the Arts Alfio Stuto Jr

My Life as a Catholic Artist


World Youth Day 2008 attendees would find it hard to forget Sydney-based actor and film-producer Alfio Stuto Jnr, the young man who took on the role of Christ in the Stations of the Cross. We caught up with Alfio recently to talk about what he’s up to, life as a Catholic artist and his advice for young people who’d like to pursue a career in the arts.

Catholics on Mission Kara Eschbach

Reshaping the Women’s Mag


Verily is an exciting new publication developed by a group of young New Yorkers who were tired of the negative messages coming across through existing women’s magazines and decided to make a positive change. Nat caught up with Verily’s Editor recently to talk about the magazine and how it came about.

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