New Media, New Evangelisation


In this keynote address from CNMC Melbourne 2013, Archbishop Julian Porteous speaks on the focus and purpose of the New Evangelisation, how the new media have changed communication, and what opportunities this provides for the Church in the 21st Century.


CNMC Melbourne is the first Catholic New Media Conference to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, presented by SQPN and the Southern Cross New Media Project. with the inaugural event taking place in September 2013 at the Archdiocese of Melbourne‘s Cardinal Knox Centre.

Music Credit: Candlepower – Chris Zabriskie




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  1. Sincere congratulations to Archbishop Julian Porteous on His Grace’s installation in Hobart. He is also to be congratulated on his affirmation of only males to be in the Sanctuary. I felt uncomfortable when I was hauled into classes for Lector, Special Minister, etc. I did not want to be a “serviette”. He is to be thanked, too, for exhorting Catholics to be more active in the forum. We must be involved in politics, or we cannot complain when political decisions are not compatible with our beliefs and preferences.
    Yours in Christ

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