The Crisis of Masculinity


Popular Catholic author and apologist Patrick Madrid has been enlightening Aussies in Sydney, Brisbane and Wagga over the past two weeks thanks to Sydney’s Catholic Adult Education Centre and The Mustard Seed Bookshop.

Despite his busy schedule, Patrick made some time to chat to us about true masculinity, some of the obstacles it faces in modern society and the role of Our Lady, mothers and wives in helping men become who Christ wants them to be.

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Patrick is speaking in Melbourne on the 29th and 30th of May. For details visit, or visit the official Facebook page for the tour.

You can also find out more about Patrick at 


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  1. I have read a lot at the Patrick Madrid blog, the first time I am listening to him… A very good interview indeed
    My twelve year old brother is addicted to video games…. We are working hard at home to make sure he puts in time for other things like physical play time and prayers and all.

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