St Teresa of Calcutta – Saints who took the Narrow Road


St Teresa of Calcutta saw Jesus Christ in the poor, disabled and abandoned, and treated them in the way that God sees them.

Find out how St Teresa of Calcutta can inspire us to take the narrow road!

St Teresa of Calcutta was a small Albanian sister who founded the Missionaries of Charity and changed the world.

She spent her time as a sister serving the poorest of the poor as this is where she encountered the love of Jesus most intimately. Each day, she would take person after person from the gutter. She would take leper, the diseased, the disabled, the abandoned, and those who were left to die, and she would feed them, clothe them, love them. She would be Jesus Christ to them.

And this is why she inspires me to walk the narrow road: Because she was so empty of herself that God could totally fill her up. And she was so other-centred that she never once looked to herself, she always looked straight to Jesus and to others first.

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