St Francis of Assisi – Saints who took the Narrow Road


St Francis of Assisi went from a rich young man with a love for parties to a poor disciple of Jesus Christ – and helped change the world in the process!

Find out how St Francis can inspire us to take the narrow road!


Francis of Assisi was a spoilt rich young man who lived in the late 1100s. He had a conversion, encountered Jesus Christ, and by the time of his death when he was only in his 40s, he had over 5,000 members of the Franciscans with him.

He’s inspiring because when he encountered Jesus, he really took the words that Jesus spoke to him to his heart. From the Cross, Jesus said:

“Francis, rebuild my Church…”

And he went out and he did that. He changed the face of Italy; he changed the world.

And he really inspires me to take the narrow road because for a long time I felt very challenged by Francis of Assisi. His life looked so different to mine, and I thought: “Well, how can I be radical? I don’t look like that!”.

But I came to understand that to be radical, to take the narrow road really means to give everything to God. And Francis did that. He gave his all to God. And he’s encouraged me to see that no matter what situation I’m in, as long as I give my all to God, God can do anything with that.

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