The Truth About Prayer & Priorities


Haven’t got time for prayer? Paul offers some words of advice in this edition of Minute with Mary.

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The importance of prayer can never be overstated. The crisis of Christianity today is a lack of prayer – even for those dedicated to God. We live in a fast-moving age and in a world where work and entertainment are among the top of our priorities. How often do we hear good people say, “I don’t have enough time for prayer?” Well I once heard of a great remedy for those who feel they have little time for prayer. The solution is this:

When you find you don’t have enough time for prayer, then pray only during those times you would normally eat your meals. Then afterwards, it will be very easy to find the time to eat!

So the reality is that we do have enough time for those things which have a priority in our hearts. Where is your heart? If there is not enough time in your life for prayer, then can I politely suggest to you that your heart is attached to false things? We get attached to our own inner compulsions that we justify, are somehow more important. But the irony is that these activities never satisfy the deepest yearnings of our heart. Only through prayer will you be able to satisfy the hunger in your heart! The challenge is for us to stop living a lie and start living the truth – a relationship with Jesus and Mary is indeed the truth about a meaningful and productive life!

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