Story of an Australian Mystic


Alan was not an exceptionally pious person – infact he had no faith, he struggled with addiction and violence, and on a number of occasions he was in trouble with the law. Yet, God chose to intervene in Alan’s life in a direct and powerful way, and set him on a mission to bring Christ’s love and healing to people all over the world.

In this interview by Cradio Directors Lloyd and Paul, mystic and visionary Alan Ames tells us about his journey, what it’s like to receive messages from heaven, and the place of private revelation in the Church. He also provides some reflections on the struggles of parenting and the challenges facing the Church today.


Alan Ames is based in Perth and travels the world carrying out his healing ministry. Alan will be in  Melbourne and Sydney on 25-20 November. Details are available on his website. 

Access the interview by Fr Rene Laurentin recommended by Lloyd.

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  1. I will be going to see him on Thursday this week in Melbourne. I interviewed him in the 1990s in Melbourne. His message is a beautiful message and I remain convinced it is authentic.

  2. Great interview – thank you. If any listener doesn’t have Alan’s book THROUGH. THE EYEs OF JESUS, you should buy it. It is in three volumes or you can get the hardback edition which contains all three. I have read them numerous times and with each reading I feel that I am actually with Jesus.

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