My Journey Through Abuse, Same-sex Attraction & Healing


“…it was no surprise at the age of 17 I came out and said I’m gay. And, because I’d always felt that way, I therefore believed God had made me that way, and that was my message.  I believed that was the gospel I should preach, and I preached it… but God never left me”. 

The story that is shared in this interview is not an easy story to tell, or one that everyone will want to hear. It is a personal testimony that contradicts what many of us have come to believe about identity and sexuality. While there is much we don’t know about the psychology of same-sex attraction, one thing we all believe as Christians is that, with God, anything is possible. That is essentially the message that James testifies to as he shares candidly with Jude Hennessy about the journey that lead him from a history of abuse, to the centre of the gay scene, and eventually to the heart of the Church. Sexual brokenness happens, but healing is possible.

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James mentions some resources on this topic worth exploring, including: and Journey into Manhood. Within the Catholic Church, Courage is an International ministry for those with same-sex attraction, as well as family and friends.

This interview was recorded by Jude Hennessy for The Journey, a radio show produced by the Diocese of Wollongong.

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