Christianity is Not for the Faint-Hearted


Walking 15,500km across the world relying on providence and praying for Christian unity is certainly a unique opportunity for evangelisation. On his journey Sam Clear was welcomed into the homes of atheists and Muslims alike; what has this experience taught him?

In this second part of Natasha D’s  interview with Sam Clear we hear his reflections on growing up in the faith, sharing that faith with others and trusting in God in the face of life’s difficulties.

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Listen to part one of our interview with Sam. 

Sam Clear is Managing Director of Harvest InRoads, the youth and young adults division of Harvest Pilgrimages. To find out more about their upcoming pilgrimages including Alternative Schoolies, visit

Sam Clear has just released a book about his journey entitled Walk 4 One: paving a path to unity available via Garratt Publishing.  You can also find out more about Sam at

Music Credit: Beyond the Finish Line – Dexter Britain 

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