Undeserved Love


In the story of David and Saul we see an example of true mercy and love. In this homily for the 7th Sunday in Ordinary time, Fr David Callaghan MGL says that this is an image for us of the love that Christ has for us and the love that we are called to have for others.

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  1. Tobias Alan Barry on

    Undeserved Love is one of my favourites. Fr dave you deserve love and I love you very much home and away but now I have access to the podcasts again I hope, wish and pray for st Gabriel to love you the most like Jesus did St. John and reveal with your will such beautiful heavenly fragrance as this homily. Love bless you to grant all hearers holy hope of that perfect faith to move mountains and fill valleys that we may be equal under God with a great Love and a lil faith. Wonderful thanks. Amen and please sir can I have some more. and I’m please pray for power please pray for peace as my poor heart and head are so broken I feel so helpless and hopeless to often.

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