Easter: Signs, Prayers and the Encounter with Love


Owen Vyner explains the signs and prayers of the Easter Vigil Mass, and discusses how the event of the Easter Triduum is applied to our everyday life.

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In this podcast:
  • 0:12: Holy Saturday.
  • 0:55: The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night.
  • 3:06: Sign of night and darkness.
  • 3:34: The beginning of the Liturgy.
  • 4:18: Paschal candle.
    • 5:44: A history of the Paschal candle.
    • 6:46: When is the Paschal candle used?
  • 7:15: The Exsultet.
  • 8:28: The Liturgy of the Word: 9 readings.
    • 9:41: Why are there 9 readings?
  • 10:36: The Baptismal Liturgy.
    • 10:57: The relationship between baptism and the Resurrection.
    • 12:44: Blessing of the Baptismal Water.
    • 15:24: Renewal of Baptismal Promises.
    • 17:31: The Sprinkling Rite.
  • 18:22: The Solemn Blessing.
  • 19:32: How do we apply the Easter Triduum to our lives?
    • 19:42: Does the Liturgy have anything to do with my everyday life?
    • 20:32: A required question: Who are we?
    • 25:44: The renewal and revelation of our true identity through the Easter Triduum.
    • 27:05: Easter is an encounter with the Event of Love.
  • 27:37: Conclusion: The Revelation of Love and how we love through Lent, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter.

The talk is the third part of a three-part series by Owen Vyner on the signs and prayers of the Easter Triduum.

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