Marriage: The Concept of Husband & Wife, Father & Mother


Sophie York provides an overview of marriage in the context of history, marriage in Australia, and the worldwide experience of marriage redefinition.

In this podcast:
  • 0:39: Marriage in history: Why marriage makes sense and why cultures recognised it.
  • 4:24: Marriage in Australia: Law since federation.
  • 8:08: The situation in Australia: A plebiscite or parliamentary vote (Note: This talk was given before the Australian Federal Election in July 2016).
  • 11:44: The mixing of marriage redefinition with rights and discrimination.
  • 14:35: Marriage is different to other relationships because it is made up of an opposite-sex couple.
  • 15:15: What Marriage Alliance is.
    • 16:02: Media censorship: Advertisements pulled by Channel Seven and Channel Ten.
    • 19:03: Uluru Bark Petition signed by 47 Indigenous leaders.
  • 19:39: Framing the debate to be related to the civil rights movement of the United States of America.
  • 21:47: Marriage redefinition is not about a right to marry, but effectively removes the rights of those who disagree with the changed definition.
  • 31:05: The important role of a married mother and father for their children.
    • 32:05: Redefining marriage removes men and women from fatherhood and motherhood. It also removes the opportunity for their unique relationships with children.
    • 33:53: How will children be provided for same-sex couples?
  • 37:27: The effects of marriage redefinition on children’s education: The Safe Schools Coalition Australia program.
  • 43:03: Redefinition of marriage overseas.
    • 45:22: Obergefell v. Hodges: The US Supreme Court decision on marriage.
  • 46:46: The responsibility of marriage redefinition advocates to demonstrate that there will be no negative consequences.

Content advisory: This presentation discusses sexual content, mental health issues and suicide.


This presentation was part of The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies’ 2016 Colloquium on the theme “The nature of men and women: complementary but different”, hosted in Hobart, Australia.

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