Gender Equality: An Islamic Perspective


Usman Rana presents an Islamic perspective on gender equality and the nature and role of parents in a family. In his presentation, he quotes excerpts from the Quran and the life and teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

In this podcast:
    • 1:15: What forms of equality exist around us?
    • 5:08: Addressing a few common misconceptions.
    • 6:55: An Islamic teaching on equality.
    • 11:33: Practical implications from the teaching of Islam.
    • 17:16: Islamic perspective on the adult life.
    • 25:46: The role of mother and father in the family.


This presentation was part of The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies’ 2016 Colloquium on the theme “The nature of men and women: complementary but different”, hosted in Hobart, Australia.

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