My Life: Capfest 2018


In this second talk from the Capuchin Youth Festival 2018, Fr Wojtek continues his scriptural theme and explains how the Bible relates to our lives.

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This talk is part of Capfest 2018, based on the theme “His Word. My Life. Fulfillment!” Capfest 2018 was hosted by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars Australia.

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About Author

Fr Wojtek was born in Bydgoszcz, Poland on January 7, 1983. After high school, in 2002 (at 19), he entered the Capuchin Order. He was ordained as a priest in 2010 and worked in a parish church as vicar and at the same time was teaching religion in a primary school. In 2012 he began studies in Rome at the Gregorian University (Licentiate in Biblical Theology) and after three years, also completed a Masters of Formation at the Antonianum University. Since November 2016 he has been living in Spello, Italy in one of the Capuchin international fraternities (a special project for Europe).

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