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God Wants to Speak to Us


At Reasons for Hope 2013, Fraterna Eileen Leyne discusses how we are to listen to God, and how the Lord speaks to us in prayer.

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Your Identity is Love


In this homily for the 4th Sunday in Ordinary time, Fr David Callaghan MGL speaks about the grace that God offers us so that we can restore our true identity and allow our life to be a reflection of the love of God.

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The Masculine Spirit


In this talk for men from the iWitness Conference, Christian Stephens discusses two contradictory perspectives of masculinity put forward in the media, and how they both fall short of true masculinity.

Who Am I? Vocation of Womanhood

Vocation of Womanhood


This time around Karen has a message for women seeking their calling in life, by outlining the vocation of womanhood – the call to love in a way that is unique to their femininity. Karen looks at this calling to love specifically within the vocation to marriage.

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G&G: Genius of Womanhood


Karen Doyle speaks about the legacy of John Paul II on femininity and womanhood – in particular what it means to be a woman, the vital life-giving role of a woman that goes beyond child-bearing, and the unique vocation of each individual woman.

Bp Robert Barron Fr Robert Barron

G&G: Longings of the Heart


Fr. Robert Barron in this talk asks the question: What ultimately makes us happy and fills the infinite longings of our hearts? He explores and rebuts the answers that the world gives: wealth, pleasure, power and honour; and finally provides the answer that we hear from God Himself.

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