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Dynamic talks for young-adults from public houses around all the capital cities of Australia.

Guinness and God Canberra Saints

G&G: Holiness & Sainthood


Professor Anne Hunt speaks about the place of the saints in the Catholic Church, how they fit in, and what they mean to us. She discusses these topics with reference to a number of great saints and blesseds, including Bl. John Henry Newman, St Francis of Assisi, St Ignatius of Layola, and St Mary of the Cross – to name a few.

Guinness and God Canberra woman freedom arms out surrender 1

G&G: Genius of Womanhood


Karen Doyle speaks about the legacy of John Paul II on femininity and womanhood – in particular what it means to be a woman, the vital life-giving role of a woman that goes beyond child-bearing, and the unique vocation of each individual woman.

Evangelisation Sam Clear

G&G: For Christian Unity


Sam Clear discusses the root of his passion for Christian unity, and the extraordinary journey hen took for the cause – including the surprises he encountered along the way.

Bp Robert Barron Fr Robert Barron

G&G: Longings of the Heart


Fr. Robert Barron in this talk asks the question: What ultimately makes us happy and fills the infinite longings of our hearts? He explores and rebuts the answers that the world gives: wealth, pleasure, power and honour; and finally provides the answer that we hear from God Himself.

Evangelisation leap jump faith

G&G: Sharing Your Faith


Peter Holmes discusses how we can share our faith without losing our friends: including the pitfalls we can fall into in trying to proclaim truth, the barriers we need to overcome in discussing the faith, and the strategies we need to internalise for evangelisation without putting others off.


G&G: Faith in Postmodern World


Fr. Chris Ryan MGL looks at the insights gained from Pope Benedict XVI on the Christian faith in a modern and postmodern world. He discusses the ideas of modernity and its view of Christianity, the narrative knowledge which a modern worldview seeks to ignore, and Pope Benedict XVI’s commentary on these philosophies.

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