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Dynamic talks for young-adults from public houses around all the capital cities of Australia.

Urban Theology Sydney

Should Australian Catholics Change Focus?


Theology on Tap founder Patrick Langrell, lawyer Monica Doumit, and journalist Nigel Freitas discuss whether the Church needs a change of tact in how she presents herself to the surrounding culture, and whether there is anything we can do to help.

Pub Theology Adelaide calling of peter and andrew disciples apostles fishers of men

More Than Twelve?


In this episode of Pub Theology from July 2013, Mark Doyle explains the call to be a modern day apostle by speaking on how God has called him at key moments of his life.

theology@thepub Fr Roderick Vonhogen

Confessions of a Geekpriest


Fr Roderick Vonhogen gives an entertaining account on how his desire for adventure as a child lead him to a love of Star Wars – and how this in turn has sent him to the newest frontiers of evangelisation as a priest.

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