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Complementarity of Man & Woman


Does being a man or a woman mean anything? What is the different between man and woman, and is it even important? How can we find our strengths in these differences? We interview Peter Holmes ahead of the World Congress of Families to find out.


Sacramentality: a grace-filled life


In this opening talk for iWitness 2012 Peter Holmes explores spiritual pride and despair as two major obstacles to living a life of grace. How do we recognise when we are falling into these temptations? How can we avoid these pitfalls and open ourselves to God’s grace in the Sacraments more fully?

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G&G: Sharing Your Faith


Peter Holmes discusses how we can share our faith without losing our friends: including the pitfalls we can fall into in trying to proclaim truth, the barriers we need to overcome in discussing the faith, and the strategies we need to internalise for evangelisation without putting others off.