St Turibius of Mogrovejo


St Turibus of Mogrovejo was born in 1538 at Mayorga de Campos, Leon in Spain. He is well-known for having founded the first seminary in the western hemisphere. Turibus was ordained priest and bishop and was sent to Peru. He began the long and arduous visitation of an immense archdiocese, studying the language, staying two or three days in each place, often with neither bed nor food. He confessed every morning to his chaplain and celebrated Mass with intense fervor. Among those to whom he gave the Sacrament of Confirmation was St Rose of Lima and possibly St Martin de Porres. St Turibus of Mogrovejo died on the 23rd May 1606 in Santa, Peru and was canonised by Pope Benedict XIII in 1726. He is the patron saint of Latin American Bishops.


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