St Ignatius of Laconi


From his earliest years, Vincent was prone to sickness and when he was 18 he became ill for many months and remained bed ridden. Turning to the Blessed Virgin for help, he repeated a pledge his mother made before his birth, promising to become a Capuchin if Mary would only cure him. To the amazement of many Vincent began to recover, but alas as happens to many promises to the Divine, he forgot his! Not long after he had what would have been a fatal accident had it not been for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Again he had implored the aid of Mary and vowed to fulfil the forgotten, but now remembered promise. This time he was faithful to his promise. He journeyed to Cagliari to the headquarters of the Provincial of Sardinia, on the hill of Buoncammino. After some difficulty Vincent began his Novitiate for the lay brotherhood on November 10th 1721, at the friary of Saint Benedict, within Cagliari itself. He received the Capuchin habit and the new name of Brother Ignatius.


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