Crisis, Restlessness and the Meaning of Life


In this first part of his talks on the meaning of life, Mark Nimo discusses our continual experience of crisis and restlessness, and how we can look through this to the true meaning of life.

In this podcast:
  • 5:38: The many crises throughout the world.
  • 14:09: Three groups of people: Entering a crisis, leaving a crisis, experiencing crisis.
  • 15:55: God wants to embrace us where we’re at, even if we’re in a crisis.
  • 19:02: How people cope when things seem so bad.
  • 21:20: The question: “What’s life all about?”
  • 26:33: The pessimistic outlook on life.
  • 32:55: God speaks about life in the Scriptures: Take the narrow road.
  • 41:57: “The saints point the way to the meaning of life”.
  • 46:43: The wonder of discovering your purpose.
  • 47:48: Our restlessness and resting in God.


The Immaculata Mission School 2016 was hosted by the Immaculata Community at the Launceston Church Grammar School in Tasmania.

Music Credit: At the Foot of the Cross – Fr Rob Galea

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