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St Joseph: Man of Strength and Virtue


This week Paul looks at the great example of St Joseph, spouse of Mary and foster father of Christ. As we approach his feast day on 19 March this episode is a great reminder of the role of St Joseph as a model of fatherhood, and the power of his intercession. Paul also catches up with young Franciscan Immaculatine Postulant, Jinny Chung. Jinny shares her journey from Buddhism, to Anglicanism to Catholicism, and the role Our Lady has played in her faith journey.

Guinness and God Canberra Saints

G&G: Holiness & Sainthood


Professor Anne Hunt speaks about the place of the saints in the Catholic Church, how they fit in, and what they mean to us. She discusses these topics with reference to a number of great saints and blesseds, including Bl. John Henry Newman, St Francis of Assisi, St Ignatius of Layola, and St Mary of the Cross – to name a few.

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