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Archbishop Julian Porteous St Laurence (Fra Angelico)

Called to Serve


Archbishop Julian Porteous explores what it means to be a deacon, and the interesting history behind how it re-emerged as a permanent ministry in the Latin Church.

Meditations by Fr Flader Chartres Cathedral Rose Window

Martha and Mary


Father Flader extrapolates on the struggles of maintaining a “contemplative” life with Jesus, as well as enquiring different ways to incorporate it in our life; despite our occupation or struggles in current society.

Fr Stefan Matuszek

The Ascension of the Lord


Fr Stefan preaches about why we celebrate the mystery of Christ’s return to Heaven. He also explores how Christ has glorified and restored humanity by rising to heaven in his human body, bringing man into the communion of God. For where Christ the head goes, his body the Church will follow.

Fr Michael Doody

What Is Truth?


Fr Michael Doody reflects on why our Lord is asking us to speak the truth with out fear. He also talks about the main characteristics of truth.

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