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Culture Catchups Red Door

Happiness in Silence


Lorraine and Katherine speak to Mother Marie Pierre of the Tyburn Nuns about the importance of silence and the need to reevaluate our measures of success.

Culture Catchups

Present in the Moment


Lorraine speaks to John Jurgutis about the importance of being present in the moment – particularly in being attentive to the person before you.

Culture Catchups Chris Da Silva at Ignite Conference

From Dating to Marriage


Frances chats to co-founder of The Culture Project Australia Chris Da Silva about the lead-up to his marriage and being in a long-distance relationship.

Culture Catchups Camellia Flower

The Power of Beauty


Lorraine and Katherine speak with Monica Rae Bautista about how beauty inspires her in her work, how beauty comforts, and her favourite events to style.

Culture Catchups Desert Road

A Firm Why


Lorraine and Katherine chat to Tommy Francisco about purpose, passion, and how boredom in university classes has shed light on life.

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