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Heaven, Hell & Purgatory inferno hell

Your Place in Hell


In this session of Life to the Full, Fr Greg Morgan discusses the reality and logical necessity of Hell, Christ’s own words on it, heresies related to Hell and damnation, and how Heaven is much more important.

Life to the Full FR. GREG MORGAN

Hope for the Church in Dark Times


In light of recent media scrutiny and difficulties within the Church, young Sydney priest, Fr Greg Morgan, reflects on how we as Catholics, and how he as a priest, are called to respond in these dark times.

Life to the Full MOTHER MARY

Mary and Theology of the Body


In this session of Life to the Full, Fr Greg Morgan explores how the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary exemplifies the teachings of Blessed John Paul II in his Theology of the Body, with particular reference to the four Marian dogmas of the Church.

Bioethics Artificial insemination

Manufacturing Life


In this session of Life to the Full: Fr Greg explores the science on an individual life’s beginnings, the Church’s position on IVF methods of conception, and the process of In Vitro Fertilisation itself.

Life to the Full computer technology mobile iphone

The Pandemic of Pornography


In this installment of Life to the Full: Fr Greg looks at why people use pornography, the great lie that pornography satisfies human desire, the effects of pornography and related addiction, and the hope that emerges beyond the pandemic.

Life to the Full priests cassocks priesthood

The Truth about the Priesthood


In the first Life to the Full talk, Fr Greg Morgan presents the truth of the Priesthood: The reality that all priests are sinners and far from perfect; the immense sacrifice of life for the absolute service of others; the immeasurable privilege of being in the person of Christ through Sacraments and to hold God in his hands through the Eucharist; and the scandal to the world of the counter-cultural life of a priest.