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Asylum Seekers: Where Does the Church Stand?

As the Australian Government tightens its policies around asylum seekers, Daniel Nour is back again drilling Catholic Voices Australia representative Andrew Milne on where the Church stands on the issue.

A Stupid Nation Will Reap What it Sows

Is it any wonder that a society that seemingly approves of marital infidelity would oppose a congress aimed at strengthening the family? Bernard reflects on some recent events that highlight the sad state of our culture…

St Therese of Lisieux

Just before her 14th birthday she received a vision of the Child Jesus; she immediately understood the great sacrifice that had been made for her, and developed an unshakeable faith…

Don’t Run from Your Samaria

In his homily for Tuesday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time, Fr Roman Wroblewski reflects on how we are called to embrace our crosses with hope and trust in God.

Social & Economic Conscience

Dr Garrick Small explains the competing attitudes of how to view the human person, how this relates to the Trinity, and what such views teach us about economics and business today.

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