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Q&A: Is Technology Making You Less Human?

After a bit of a hiatus while the Archbishop settled into his new Archdiocese, Q&A with Archbishop Julian is back! This time dealing with the challenges rapid technological developments present…

St Peter Julian Eymard

Peter grew up in a poor family during the anti-clerical, anti-Catholic aftermath of the French Revolution. His first attempt at the priesthood, against his family’s

5 Headlines You May Have Missed (1 August)

Chinese Christians injured in protests against demolition of churches, Dominican theologians release report on pastoral-care of divorced and remarried Catholics in lead up to Synod, worldwide protests show support for the plight of Christians in Iraq + more…

Mosul: The Ancient City Emptied of Christians

Aid to the Church in Need’s Phillip Collignon speaks about the recent expulsion and purging of Christians in Mosul, how they are being assisted in their time of great need, and the sober reality of Christian persecution throughout the world today.

Hercules, N.T. Wright, and the Modern Meta-Narrative

In his latest column Fr Robert Barron looks at the battle of narratives between modernity and Christianity: one, he suggests, which is exemplified in the new Hercules film.

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