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The Tomb is Empty

We believe is this great mystery based on the witness of many. Fr Bony Abraham MGL calls us back to the wonder of faith in this homily for the Easter Vigil recorded live at the St Benedict’s Mission Centre in Canberra.

What Easter Means

As we celebrate this Solemnity of Christ’s resurrection, Fr Robert Barron reflects on the meaning of this great event in history.

Easter Sunday Reflection

Fr. Anthony Bernard explores with us how Christ’s rising from the dead points us to the glorification of God over sin, the victory of life over death, and the triumph of the light over the darkness.

The Love God Has For You

Sister Hilda Scott of the Benedictine Nuns of Jamberoo speaks on how God Loves us, how we can return love to Him, and how we display that Love to others.

If this is real, then what?

Fr David Callaghan MGL calls us to look again at the cross in this homily for Good Friday recorded live at St Benedict’s Mission Centre in Canberra.

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