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The Catholic Church & its View on Abortion

Does the Church expect women to risk their lives for the sake of their unborn children? Does teaching abortion is a ‘sin’ place unnecessary pressure on women who are already suffering?

Too Many Photos, Too Few Memories

With 1.5 million smartphones in the world there are more photos being taken than ever before. But are we missing the most important moments of life because we’re too busy trying to capture a digital record?

St Bridget of Sweden

From Prayers Attributed to St Bridget “Eternal praise be to you, my Lord Jesus Christ, for the time you endured on the cross the greatest

Contemporary Conversions

Wanda Skowronska recounts conversion in more recent times from some of the most anti-Catholic of contexts…

The Journey: Episode 41

This week’s episode of The Journey featuring Sr Hilda Scott, Trish McCarthy, Sam Clear and more!

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