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Brightening the Airwaves: How Steph Unger is Bringing Back Positive Music

We spoke to Steph about her journey to make music that that is popular and positive, how she was inspired to get into music, and how she needs your help for the next stage of her mission.

St Anthony Claret

“A son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a man who is consumed with love and who sets on fire everything in his path.

Drawing on the Unlimited Power of Christ’s Passion

In this edition of From His Merciful Heart, Paul looks at one simple way that we can work with Christ to bring others to Him – and it only takes 10 seconds!

Proclaiming the Gospel in a Digital World

Daniel Ang develops a theology of social media by explaining how we can practice our faith online, how social media communicators can help the church, and how we can be better present to the digital continent.

What Christian Leadership Demands

In his homily for Wednesday in the 29th week in ordinary time, Fr Roman Wroblewski reflects on the human virtues, and what distinguishes Christian leadership from worldly leadership.

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