The Cathedral of Being: Re-Enchantment of The World


The Cathedral of Being: The Re-Enchantment of The World through the writings of St John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict & Francis.


Modernity is a new form of Gnosticism that is disenchanted with the givenness of creation. The recent Popes have combatted today’s neo-Gnosticism with the meaningfulness of matter and the mystery of the Incarnation. Enchantment is the telling of stories of discipline and the overcoming of temptation in the fight against the dragon. Catholic education is not about indulging the passions but, rather, in emulating The Passion, the Via Dolorosa, in passing through many frictions. We live in the conviction that the world is so loved by God He gives it His only Son, who, rejected by it, suffers and dies for it, and leaves us an example to follow.

In this talk presented at Scholarship in the Cathedral, Dr Robert Tilley addresses neo-gnosticism as found in the current world through the lens of Popes Francis, Benedict XVI and St John Paul II – looking out how a true Catholic view of the world affects education, academia and creativity.


This talk was presented as part of the Scholarship in the Cathedral series being organised by the Centre for Faith, Ethics and Society at the University of Notre Dame Sydney.

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Dr Robert Tilley is a lecturer in biblical studies and ancient languages at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and in Christian literature at the Aquinas Academy.

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