Husbands, Fathers & Pornography


As pornography use becomes increasingly normalised within western society, criticism is beginning to mount concerning the health of pornography producers and its damage to the perception of women in general. But how does pornography affect families, and in particular the role of men as husbands and fathers? Jonathan Doyle of Choicez Media and Being Catholic speaks on this topic ahead of his talks at the 7th World Congress of Families in Sydney.

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UPDATE 23/10/13: Jonathan Doyle will be in Sydney on Saturday 26 October giving two FREE seminars on the issue of pornography. More information is available on Facebook via the Parramatta and Chatswood event pages.

Jonathan Doyle is a speaker on relationships, marriage, leadership, and how to live life from a Catholic perspective. He has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management in Education and is currently completing a second Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family studies. He has given seminars to over 250 000 people, and is one of Australia’s most prolific Catholic speakers. You can connect with Jonathan via Facebook and Twitter.

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