Mary: Star of the New Evangelisation


“Sitting at the school of the Heart of Mary is where we learn the deepest mysteries of Christ!” – Mother Adela Galindo

Pope Paul VI and St John Paul II both called Mary ‘the star of evangelisation’. What does this mean, and why is it significant in the times we are in? Paul Elarde explains in this final edition of A Minute with Mary.

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Pope Paul VI expressed his desire in 1975 for Mary to be the “Star of the Evangelization” for the Church. Building on this St John Paul II entrusted the work of the New Evangelization to Mary, calling her the “Star of the New Evangelization.”

We are living in unprecedented times; the battle between good and evil spoken about in Genesis 3 are coming to a climax. This is the culmination of the age of Mary which great saints like St Louis De Monfort and St John Paul II spoke about.

Stephen Walford writes:

The Church of the twenty-first century needs to be in the Upper Room with Mary in the cenacle of a new Pentecost. It needs to listen to Mary while being docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, who is the beginning and end of all missionary activity. As Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit, it is given to her as our Mediatrix and Advocate to lead this new evangelization and to obtain from Him the necessary graces.

Mother Adela writes:

Who better than Mary can reveal Christ? Was it not in Her arms that the world – the shepherds (representing Israel) and the wise men (the Gentiles) – found Jesus? Is it not She who presents Christ to the world? Is it not She who, as teacher and singular witness, reveals to the newly born Church the mysteries of Christ? Yes, sitting at the school of the Heart of Mary is where we learn the deepest mysteries of Christ!

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