Learn Mercy Through Your Falls


One major obstacle in your relationship with God could be your tendency to focus on your failures. Paul Elarde reflects in this edition of A Minute with Mary.

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When was the last time you spoke to your mother? OK, so when was the last time you spoke to your heavenly Mother? Do you realise that Mary knows and loves you even more than your earthly mother? Run to Her like a child runs to its mother and bring all your worries and miseries to Her. Ask Her to teach you how to love Her and Her Son, Jesus. Ask Her to obtain for you the grace so you can allow God to love you.

Sometimes we block God’s love because we focus too much on our failures and by doing so we keep God at arms distance. Ask Mary to obtain for you the grace to be able to focus on God’s love for you, not your failures. That way you will experience His mercy and learn to trust Him.

When a child is learning to walk the parent does not punish the child every time he falls over. No, the parent focuses on the child’s rising. They simply want the child to keep trying, only then will the child make any progress. In fact, a child can only learn to walk through falling. God loves us the same way. He is not interested in focusing on our failure but wants us to focus on His love and mercy. In fact, we only learn about His love and mercy through our falls. O Mary, teach us these truths so we can love You and Your Son more every day, even when we fall.

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