What You Ought to Know About the Abortion Debate

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Last weekend more than 3000 peaceful demonstrators gathered in Melbourne to voice their disappointment with the 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act in Victoria at the annual March for the Babies. When a group of 50 abortion advocates arrived to derail the efforts of the pro-lifers – well, we’re sure you’ve heard the rest…

Differences aside, these displays of raw anger make it clear that  abortion advocates are holding onto more than a deeply held belief. Why is the issue of abortion so emotionally charged? Is there more we could be doing to address the context in which abortion is considered a necessity for any pregnant woman wishing to fully participate in the social, educational or professional world?

In this special report we talk to Theresa Chamoun about her experience at March for The Babies. We also hear from Real Choices Australia Executive Director Debbie Garratt about the issues at the heart of the abortion debate that need to be addressed in order to ensure expectant mothers have the support they need.

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Real Choices Australia provides professional quality training and education on unintended pregnancy and abortion, particularly for health and welfare professionals & volunteers.

iregretmyabortion.org.au is a website where women who have experienced the pain of abortion can give a voice to their stories.

For more information about where women in crisis pregnancies can find support visit the Real Choices Australia website. 

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