Turning the Tide Against Abortion


The United States is seeing a new pro-life culture rise up: the majority of Americans now oppose abortion in most or all circumstances – and 18-34 year olds make the strongest pro-life cohort (according to a 2013 Gallup Poll).

One man at the forefront of this new culture of life is Bryan Kemper, founder and director of Stand True – the youth outreach arm of Priests for Life. Bryan travels the world spreading the pro-life message, and is instrumental in equipping young people with the tools to create a culture of life in their own societies.

“[Stand True’s] tagline in to educate, activate and equip young people to be the voice to be that generation that turns this around – to be the generation that abolishes abortion”, Bryan said.

But while the United States is seeing positive signs, Australia is continuing to implement legislative challenges to unborn life – as seen in recent laws in the states of Victoria and Tasmania.

So what can Australians do in the face of seemingly overwhelming opposition? We spoke to Bryan Kemper to find out.


To find out more about Bryan Kemper and Stand True Ministries, visit the Stand True website. For pro-life material, visit the Pro Life World store.

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