Setting Free the Captives


Human sex trafficking is the largest form of slavery today, and is the fastest growing organised crime business around the world. But hope can be found in those who are standing up to confront this evil.

How prevelant is the issue of human sex trafficking? What is the state of the battle around the world? How can we help put an end to this evil? We sat down with Justin T. Murff, director of Set Free: Now! to find out.


Justin Murff is Director of Set Free: Now! – a global initiative which utilises mass media, education and training to prevent human trafficking; and is an initiative of Orphan’s Promise, The Christian Broadcasting Network and Operation Blessing International.

Justin appeared at the 7th World Congress of Families, which ran from 15-18 May 2013 in Sydney. You can purchase recordings of all talks from the Congress at

Music Credit: Ianiscus – Javolenus

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