We Value Servant Living: Part 1


Servant living is about reaching out to those who are disconnected with the Church and to bringing them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bruce Downes talks about what a servant is from a historical and Scriptural point of view as well as looking in greater detail the two greatest commandments that all Catholics must follow: love of God and love of neighbour.


Bruce Downes The Catholic Guy is a TV show airing weekly on ACCTV and adapted as a podcast for Cradio.

To find out more about The Catholic Guy, visit thecatholicguy.com. Bruce also mentions his What’s Next discipleship program and the opportunity to send him prayer requests via his website.

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  1. Hi, I am not Catholic, but I am a fellow Christian. I tuned in to your conversation on secular issues. I connected to your message and will continue listening. Prayer time has always been a challenge. I love to purchase the book you wrote for prayer.

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