Fr Thomas McFadden: Youth & The Charism of St Francis


Fr Thomas McFadden OFM Cap is leading the way with his fellow friars in raising up young men and women through the Friars’ Van ministry and Capuchin Young Adults. So, he might know a thing or two about working in ministry, and we’re blessed to hear from his wisdom!

Fr Thomas McFadden of the Capuchin Friars shares how he involves youth in the charism of St Francis through reaching out, forming together and sending on mission.


To find out more about the Capuchin Friars, visit the Capuchin Friars in Australia website.

Make a Mess is a series of interviews with youth ministry experts, inspired by Pope Francis’ call to youth for a “mess” to result from World Youth Day in Rio. Each episode features a different youth minister speaking about their experience and desires for youth ministry in the Catholic Church.

This episode was recorded at Ignite Conference 2015.

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