The Pornography Problem


Pornography is now easier to access than ever before with 1 in 4 of all internet searches relating to it. 93% of all men have been exposed to porn, 51% of those use it weekly. In this SCENE 2012 workshop, Robert Falzon explores why pornography is so harmful to individuals, relationships and societies and what we can do to escape this destructive habit and reclaim true intimacy.


Robert Falzon is a husband, father, businessman, co-founder of menALIVE and author. menALIVE is a National Catholic Ministry to bring men together, renew their faith in God and to encourage them to become an active force for renewal in the Church. Founded in 2003, menALIVE has delivered 130 events in 22 Dioceses in Australia and NZ for more than 7500 men.

Need help dealing with pornography? Visit the Men Alive website. 

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