Ditching Man-boys & Finding Love


How to Get the Man of Your Dreams is the new book by Choicez Media Cofounder and Managing Director Jonathan Doyle. Drawing from years of study and encounters with young people across Australia and abroad, the book looks at the belief systems pushing women into dysfunctional relationships and preventing them from finding the love they long for.

We caught up with Jonathan to talk about the new book and how we can foster healthy relationships and help others do the same.


How to Get the Man of Your Dreams is available now via the Choicez Media website.

You can connect with Jonathan via Facebook and Twitter.

Jonathan Doyle is a speaker on relationships, marriage, leadership, and how to live life from a Catholic perspective. He has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management in Education and is currently completing a second Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family studies. He has given seminars to over 250 000 people, and is one of Australia’s most prolific Catholic speakers.

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