Authenticity in an Age of Complexity


“We don’t see God face to face just yet, but what we do need to know is that Jesus in Himself has opened up the Way to God… [W]hile we do not see with… physical eyes, that place of encounter with God has begun – and it’s begun in Jesus. It begins with being radically seen…”

Fr Chris Ryan MGL discusses the desire to be authentic in today’s age of complexity, and explores this in light of Jesus’ calling of Nathanael in the Gospel of St John.


This talk was recorded at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival as a collaboration between Xt3 and Cradio.

You can find out more about the Missionaries of God’s Love priests and brothers at the Missionaries of God’s Love Priests and Brothers website.

About Author

Fr Chris was ordained as a Missionaries of God's Love priest in 2002, and is currently the rector of the MGL seminary in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. He has been involved in youth ministry for several years, and was the co-ordinator of the Australasian section of the Cross & Icon journey in the lead-up to World Youth Day 2008.

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