The Role of Repentance in Conversion


“Knowledge of God is born from a process of inner purification that begins with conversion of heart… it passes through profound repentance and sincere sorrow for one’s sins to attain union with Christ, the source of joy and peace, suffused with the light of his presence within us” (Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience, 16 September 2009)

Archbishop Julian Porteous explains the role of repentance in the conversion process, and how we can communicate the seriousness of sin, the importance of repentance, and the importance of forgiveness to a society that finds great difficult in admitting wrong.


The 5th CREDO Colloquium, entitled The Power of the Message: The Kerygma for the New Evangelisation, was organised by Sydney’s Catholic Renewal and Evangelisation Diocesan Office (CREDO), and held at the Catholic Centre in Lidcombe.

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