Is Prosperity Doctrine in the Gospels?


“Prosperity doctrine” is the view that God wills for believers to be materially wealthy – and in some cases that financial support of ministry will lead to such wealth for the believer. While this belief is popular in some sections of Christianity, is it actually present within the Gospels?

In the first of a two-part interview, we chat to Dr Robert Tilley about the history of prosperity – or health-and-wealth – doctrine within Christianity, how such doctrine can subtly tempt all Christians, and whether the promise of prosperity is found within the Gospels.


Dr Robert Tilley will be presenting a two-day intensive entitled “The Gospel According to St Matthew” at the Catholic Adult Education Centre in Lidcombe, Sydney. For more information on the intensive, visit the Catholic Adult Education Centre website or view The Gospel According to St Matthew poster.

About Author

Dr Robert Tilley is a lecturer in biblical studies and ancient languages at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and in Christian literature at the Aquinas Academy.

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