St John Marie Vianney – Saints who took the Narrow Road


St John Marie Vianney was the humble parish priest of a town where Catholicism was devastated by the French Revolution. But through his prayer and penance, he converted the town, and became the patron saint of parish priests.

Find out how St John Marie Vianney can inspire us to take the narrow road!


St. John Marie Vianney, also known as the Cure D’Ars, was a parish priest in a little town in France which had been deeply affected by the French revolution, and had lost all its sense of Christian spirituality, and its Christian heritage.

John Vianney, through his prayers, his penances, and his preaching, completely transformed the lives of those townsfolk, and they all started coming back to God.

I want to take the narrow road like John Vianney because he inspires me to be completely dependent on God and to thirst for souls; to bring more people to His kingdom through my own prayers and my penances.

St John Vianney, pray for us.

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