St John Paul II – Saints who took the Narrow Road


St John Paul II originally did not want to become a priest – but in giving his life to God he became a pope who inspired millions of people to follow Jesus Christ!

Find out how St John Paul II can inspire us to take the narrow road!


St. John Paul II was a Polish pope in the 21st century, and was recently canonised.

An amazing thing about him was: he didn’t actually think he’d want to become a priest, or let alone a pope, but he gave his life to God as soon as he felt that call.

And how he inspires me to take the narrow road: he often said “be more”, and “be not afraid”; and he knew that the only way to become more, and be not afraid is to give our life to Christ, because He alone can give us that courage to become who we were meant to be: a saint.

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